“The Bicycle City” is available for distribution worldwide. For more information or to request a screener please contact:

Greg Sucharew

“In Rivas, it’s not about cars vs. bikes; it’s about bikes vs. walking, a stark choice when you really stop to think about it.”The Utopianist


“The Bicycle City”
Documentary Feature
TRT: 1 hour, 1 minute
Lang: English, Spanish
Sub: English

Director: Greg Sucharew IMDb
Producer: Felicia Jamieson IMDb
DP: Frank Trotta Jr. IMDb

Producer: Gissel Rosario IMDb
Producer: Eric Youngelman IMDb
Composer: Jesse Baccus IMDb


Check below for screenings of The Bicycle City. If you wish to host a screening contact Greg Sucharew at gregsucharew(a)gmail.com for information.